Chicken Stir Fry with Vegetables | Stir Fry Vegetable Recipe

Chicken Stir Fry with Vegetables- Stir Fry Vegetable

Pre(🔪)10 min|Cook(♨️)10 min|Total(⏰)20 min

Chicken Stir Fry with Vegetables is a very tasty, Eating Stir Fry Vegetable recipe is something else.

If you want to eat some healthy food, then you can eat stir fry chicken recipe by cooking it in your home, You can use any vegetable in the Stir Fry Vegetable recipe.

So today we will make Stir Fry Vegetable Recipe with Chicken, if you like similar Stir Frying Recipes, you can see here.

Ingredients for Stir Fry Vegetable Recipe

  • 3 tbsp Oil 
  • 300g Boneless Chicken 
  • 1 tbsp Ginger and garlic paste 
  • 1 medium slices Onion 
  • 1 small slices Capsicum 
  • 1 small slices Green Capsicum
  • 1/2 Yellow Capsicum
  • 1/2 tsp Crushed Black Pepper 
  • 1 tbsp Soya Sauce 
  • 1 tbsp Oyster Sauce 
  • 3 Pinch Salt 
  • 1 tbsp Sesame Oil 

Preparation Of Chicken Stir Fry 


First we heat the pan a little and put 1 + 1/2 tbsp oil in it, after the oil is slightly hot, add the boneless chicken, Fry the chicken till it turns golden brown and take it out in a plate.


Again we will add 1 + 1/2 tbsp oil to a pan, after that we will add 1 tbsp galice and ginger paste and cook for 1 minute.

After that 1 medium size slices onion will be added and with this one small size slices capsicum will also be added, Stir fry vegetable recipe will also add 1 small size green capsicum to make it more colorful.


Will also add 1/2 Yellow Capsicum and mix it all together and add 1/2 TSP crushed Black Pepper along with 1 Tbsp Soy Sauce.

And to make it a little tasty, you will also add 1 tbsp Oyster Sauce.


We have already added the sauce, so we will do 3 pinches of salt, and mix all of them with the properly, And after cook for 2 minutes, we'll add the chicken.

Do not over cook the vegetable, after adding the chicken, cook it for 2 minutes only.


Now we will add oil in 1 tbsp Sesame Oil  on top of it and mix it again properly and turn off the flame of the gas.

If you want, you can add any vegetable you like, Chicken Stir Fry with Vegetables is ready, now we will serve it in a plate.

Stir fry vegetable recipe is ready and ready in a very short period of time.

Stir fry vegetable recipe is a healthy food, everyone likes it.

For today, you get this much again with the same healthy and tasty recipe.


You want to add any other vegetable like cauliflowers and French Beans and whatever you like.

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